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Is the solution to one of life's irritating problems Award Winning Tidy Pal
or a binbag?

And the question is:
What do you do when you need to hang clothes and possesions but there are no hooks?

The Spring 2012 issue of Tidings the Colostomy Association magazine has a feature on Tidy Pal

Tidy Pal in use

The genesis of Tidy Pal was to meet the needs of Ostomates who need to use disabled toilets and have a dramatic adjustment to make in their everyday lives following their operations.

But it's not just handicapped people who need to develop coping mechanisms. Perhaps, none of us thinks too much of the adjustments we make to deal with changing circumstances. How do you change a baby when you have a shopping and a baby-changing bag without hanging things up? Where to hang one's rucksack in the changing room or laptop bag and overcoat in someone else's office that has only the ubiquitous chair already piled high with all sorts. Hotel bathrooms without hooks (or just one hook) and, of course, toilets. Public ones and in shops, cafes, pubs, restaurants and hotels. Even disabled facilities share a curious disability with all those others: they very rarely have hooks.

Public toilets are a necessity but are rarely hygienic. Health professionals are quick to advise hand washing and using toilet paper to operate the flush and open the door. Curiously, the floor is rarely mentioned. One look at the average loo floor makes this omission difficult to understand. When flushed, unless the lid is closed, a toilet sprays a fine mist that settles on the floor to mix in with whatever else is already there. Think of sneezing and catching colds or flu except this is worse and what you can catch potentially fatal. Putting clothes and possessions on a toilet floor can spread disease.

We searched but could find nothing practical that answered the need for a lightweight, small, temporary storage solution that would take a raincoat, jacket, sweater, newspaper, umbrella and bag. Of course, there are products on the market that fit over doors but they are either heavy or bulky or both. One suggestion was to put everything in a binbag and afterwards bin the binbag! That, however, was not a long-term solution.

Then, we invented Tidy Pal and arranged for it to be manufactured by Intex Company Limited. They have an impressive record of consistently high quality production and reliability. An agreement with them enabled marketing of the product to start in January 2012.

Tidy Pal provides a solution to an irritating problem faced, almost daily, by active people. It solves another one too; "What do you give the person who has everything?"

If you have any comments or suggestions please contact us; we really like hearing from customers and all suggestions are welcome too. Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you will join the growing number of people using Tidy Pal to make their lives easier.